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Keeping all the apps installed on your system permanently up-to-date requires either time and regularity or a tool like SUMo (Software Update Monitor). This free update manager will do all the hard work for you, and will warn you about any outdated software program installed on your system as soon as a new version comes up, be it a minor or a major update.

The program has been neatly designed to be of use to all types of users, and it comes with a few interesting features that will help you adapt its functionality to the way you and your system work. The first thing SUMo will do is scanning your system looking for apps and list them all out for you. As soon as the scan is over, you will be presented not with just a full list of all the software tools installed on your computer, but with a categorized list that will tell you at a glance which of those tools are up-to-date and which require either a minor or a major update.

This list can be customized to fit your requirements in terms of which apps SUMo should leave out of future scans. You can use the context menu to “remove” apps from the main list, which will put them automatically on a new list – the Ignore List. This ignore list can also be edited at any time, and both lists can be easily exported to a TXT file with the click of a button. A third list will show you which apps and software tools have skipped an update.

SUMo offers you a wizard that will help you go through the various steps required in a breeze. From here you can launch the scan process and thus update the main list of installed apps, check for updates, reset the list of monitored software tools, and go directly to the settings window. These operations can also be launched manually from the program’s main interface, and you can perform specific tasks on selected apps using the Check, Get Update, Skip this Update, Run Now, Delete, or Ignore options in the context menu.

Be it for its easiness of use, its efficient scan processes, the fact that it’s a free tool, or a combination of all of them, SUMo is an update manager worth taking into account when looking for a fast, simple, and competent utility that can keep the apps installed on your PC always updated without taking up your valuable time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast apps scan.
  • Simplicity of use.
  • Clear and well-structured interface.
  • Exports your lists to TXT files.
  • Configurable lists


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LC Pretty good program, since I have a lot of video & audio programs on my PC I would like to keep updated.
At first did not like it, since it took so long to scan thru all my programs etc on start up, then figured out how to go through and tried to uncheck certain programs from scan. Wish it had better options to do this like option to only scan my video or audio programs, or PC utility programs only.
After a going through and adding many programs to the ignore list, SUMo does load and scan faster now, but I wish it was much faster still and gave more custom scan options.
Some addtl feedback issues had:
**Even when selected Ignore my Microsoft files- SUMo still pulls up a bunch of the same old broken or missing files in scan, cannot find an option to overlook or ignore these files.
**Found many major and minor program updates shown in SUMo, are just not accurate or valid.
Overall, still a nice little program, that I hope they keep improving!

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OLLI_S SUMo is really the most powerful update manager ever.
I really tested many of them, also Software Informer.
But SUMo is much better!

+ You can add folders to scan so SUMo detects also portable applications (that are not installed)
+ SUMo detects installed versions better than other update manager
+ New versions are added very quickly to the SUMo database (in Software Informer some reported updates took weeks until they were offered)
+ SUMo does not steal your user-data (the SUMo server never know what software a specific user has installed)
+ Very quick and very friendly support

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Robert Hays

Robert Hays Very good at detecting your software, but when you click on"Get Update", the whole program falls short, it takes you to a Google search page with numerus links that may or may not pertain to the version of software you need.

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