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Though most apps come with a built-in update feature that warns us about any new version coming out, it is always nice to be able to know at a glance how updated or outdated our favorite software tools are. SUMo monitors all your installed programs and lets you know in a snap which of them require updating, pointing you to the web pages where you will find the required updates.

The program couldn’t be simpler or easier to use – it will scan your PC in seconds and will list all your installed software tools with useful information about their status (in terms of update), version number, and company name. They also carry a little symbol that will tell you at a glance how outdated or updated they are – green for OK, orange for “minor update available”, and a red icon when a major update is available for download.

SUMo is not a tool to update your programs but to find out more about how current they are at a quick glance. This free tool is kind enough to take you directly to the corresponding download page whenever you select one or more entries in need of an update and click on the “Get update” button or in the option of the same name in the context menu (in the Pro version of the program). But that’s as far as it goes. SUMo won’t download and install the updates for you.

This is but an informative tool that gathers in one single interface all the information you require to keep your system updated. You can customize the scan process by leaving out those apps or tools that require no updating, either temporarily (by skipping the current update) or permanently (by ignoring the app in future scans). The program offers you lists of the apps thus categorized, in case you want to add, edit, or delete any item on them. Besides, you can export the results of your scan to Excel as a CSV file for further editing.

Finally, just to point out that if you click on the “Drivers update” button, you’ll be redirected to DUMo, a similar tool from the same developers aimed at updating your drivers in a similar fashion. Like with SUMo, there’s a free version and a DUMo Pro. Wouldn’t it be great to have both free versions under the same interface? So far, you need to download and install DUMo separately if you want it to take care of your computer’s drivers.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Exports list to Excel
  • Ignore and skipped programs lists
  • Color-coded scan results
  • Customizable scan


  • Drivers update requires installing another program
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